Professional salon manicures and hand massages at The Skin Café in Gilbert, AZ

At The Skin Café in Gilbert, manicures go beyond just polish and cuticle repair; our hand and nail treatments are designed to rejuvenate your skin and leave your nails looking their best. There’s no better way to treat yourself!  Whether your nails need a pick-me-up or a sophisticated touch for a special event, our nail salon will ensure that your manicure remains perfect as you conquer the day.

Our signature manicure service includes all the essentials: nail trimming, shaping and cuticle treatment and a relaxing, moisturizing hand massage.  When it comes to getting that perfect look for your nails, we know our clients like options and we aim to please by providing an array of nail treatment services.

Gel Enhancement (full set)

Short Nails are sculpted with length and filed in clients desired shape.  They may be painted with polish, *gel polish, *French or any of the above add on’s. This is then finished with a cuticle oil treatment and lotion.* (cost extra)

1 hour 30 minutes


Gel Enhancement (fill)

Sculpted nails need a fill every 2-3 weeks to fill in the new growth of the nails.  This is done by filling down the old product, (carefully so the natural nail underneath is not damaged) and then applying fresh new product and reshaping the nails.  Fresh polish or one of the ad on’s is then applied.  This is then finished with a cuticle oil treatment and lotion.

1 hour


Gel Manicure

The nails are shaped and polished with the gel, cuticle oil is applied.

45 minutes


Regular Manicure

Nails are shaped and cuticles are cleaned followed by cuticle treatment and hand massage. Polish is then applied.

45 minutes


Gel Polish by itself- No Mani

The nails are shaped and polished with the gel, cuticle oil is applied.  No cuticle work is done and no massage.

30 minutes


Artificial Nail Removal

Depends on the product.  Acrylic is soaked off.  Gel has to be filed down.

30 Minutes


Add-On Services

Polish Change

Nails are shaped, lightly buffed and then polished.  No cuticle work is done and no lotion or massage.


Chrome (All Nails)


Gelish Polish




Chrome (2 Nails)


Nail Art


Nail Repair (per nail)






Gel Polish Removal

Nail color is lightly buffed and then nails are covered for 5-10 minutes to soften the old gel polish.  The old color is then removed from the nail so that new product can be added.


The perfect manicure requires a master’s touch. At the Skin Café, our nail technicians are trained and up-to-date on the most current styles and trends – regardless of the look you’re going for, we have what it takes to deliver. Our specialists have unique nail options for women on the go, brides-to-be, and fashion forward professionals who call the Skin Café home. From feisty and adventurous nail designs to subdued and elegant gel enhancements, you’re guaranteed to leave The Skin Café with exquisite nails.

Our passion for perfection at The Skin Café means we won’t settle for anything less than flawless. Visit us today and find out what excellence feels like. Book your appointment at our Gilbert nail salon and spa today!

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